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Everyday. Every single day I drive by this road. Funny thing about this road is there is not a single thing on it. Nothing is on Opportunity Blvd. Doesn’t that strike you as odd?

I used to think so. I used to look at it with a closed-minded approach that since there was nothing down this road, that there was no actual opportunity to be found and this made the whole thing quite comical to me. I used to laugh at this street sign. Smug in my car. Radio loud. I’d sigh, and wonder what idiot named this road and then forgot to build something amazing down there.

Since the tornadoes have greatly impacted my local area, I see these things in a new light. Things being destroyed is insanely sad… but it is also… opportunity. Maybe you were tied down to your house or your job or some other material things that are no longer around. Maybe there will be a chance you can rebuild your home exactly the way you always wanted it. Maybe you can move to San Francisco… who knows.

I believe in signs. I believe that God works on me over a topic until I finally get it through my thick head. Things at work are in turmoil right now due to some things I cannot mention. I finished my degree. I’ve been toying with writing a book my entire life. Opportunity Blvd is empty… there is room to build whatever I want there. Whatever I can dream up.  Crazy? Maybe.

How often do you pass opportunities without seeing them? Do they have to be so obvious that they spend 3 years smacking us in the face?