Just like that, everything starts to change… or maybe it never actually stops changing, we just notice things at different paces as we go along.

This is the girls last week of school. My monkeys:

They are all done with 2nd and 4th grade. That leaves me a little nostalgic inside. They will leave this weekend to go spend nearly 9 weeks in Colorado with their dad. Every time they go it’s bittersweet for me. Russell and I definitely need some one on one time, we rarely get date nights because we do not have any good baby sitters in the local area. Our summers are really the extent of it. However, after they’ve been gone about a week, I start missing them like crazy. I go into their rooms, straighten up their little teddy bears, make them whispered promises that the girls miss them.  I walk around their rooms, brushing my hands along their furniture, tidying up loose ends, and wishing they would come running through the door at mach 6.

This summer though, we have a lot of plans on our horizon. We’re going to see Zac Brown band in Birmingham on Memorial Day, White Water Rafting in June, Renewing our Wedding Vows on our Anniversary June 12, my 30th Birthday (AHHHHHHHHHH), the 4th of July, a Nascar race at the Kentucky Speedway, and then the girls will be home. I know the time will go fast… but they will also grow and blossom in the summer sun. The next time I see them their hair will be lighter and freckles darker because of summer’s kisses. They’ll be taller and smarter and a little more grown up.

Hailey my dear, I love you, and I hope you have a wonderful summer in Colorado.


Faith Lynne, keep your sweet disposition baby, I will miss you.