I have decided to take my blogging to the next level. Leave the blogger world behind and make Xanax or Running Shoes its own .com location. This makes me a little nervous, but I am also very excited.

I am in the midst of writing my first novel, and that creates an anxious wonderful fear and adrenaline pumped feeling that I actually cannot put into more words than those I just gave you.

I am also going to start a Twitter account, a good friend that blogs highly recommended it. I have also had readers ask for more pictures by me, because they love my photography work. That was quite flattering, so I promise to add more pictures way more often.

If there is a subject or something you would like me to cover, let me know! I am open to all topics. Most blogs take on a certain topic and go with it… I do not want to wrap myself around any one thing, because my personality is not able to go the distance with one topic. I would get bored and give up after just a few months.

Instead, I will write… just write. About life, love, kids, traveling, food, heart-break, you name it… I will probably cover it, because that is what’s really going on out there. Feel free to shoot me questions or comments at any time.

Now I have to try to figure out how to pull all my blogs from blogger over here to WordPress and archive them, because I cannot stand to just lose them. 🙂