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Ummmm….. this may have happened in our house last night…. THIS PHOTO… was not staged. 😛

Well I won’t lie, we’ve been doing really well around our house. The girls eat every kind of vegetable I place in front of them, and Russell is slowly coming around to the understanding that Macaroni and Cheese is NOT an actual vegetable. All in all, I think we are doing much better than a year ago.

The biggest thing I have learned in changing our eating habits to an organic more Paleo  lifestyle is that you have to also allow yourself room for indulgences.  These brownies last night, well lets just say they were the softest, fluffiest, little squares of heaven that began to melt the second they were set on your tongue. They were meant to be savored, slowly… rolled around the mouth like a fine red wine. MMMmmmm. If you are a brownie lover, forget Duncan Hines or those other brands…. in addition, for some of the most amazing chocolate recipes I’ve ever found, check out:  Ghiradelli .

I know this isn’t my typical topic to ramble on about, but when I find something this good, it must be shared. NOW GO EAT.