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On the phone the other night with my mom, we’re talking about the book that I am writing.
She says, “I finally saw Eat, Pray, Love, and it was good, but I can’t wait to see the movie they make out of yours… but you better hurry Julia Roberts is getting old.”
I laughed… and said there was no way I would ever want Julia Roberts to play me. I love her as an actress don’t get me wrong… but there is no similarity there at all. NONE… NADDA.
Excitedly she said, “Oh, oh, I know who could play your mother… Susan Sarandon… she’s beautiful, smart, and SUUUCCCHHHH a bitch.”

So, here’s to hoping my mom

is played by Susan Sarandon

As for me. It has taken me two days of very thoughtful deliberation on my favorite actresses. Just because they are your “favorite” does not mean at all that they can be you… or your main character… etc. Now… don’t for a moment think that I actually feel like I look like the actress I have decided on…. because after you stopped laughing so hard you pee yourself… I’m going to be looking at you with angry eyes.

Mom picked Kate Hudson for me…. I nixed that idea as well. MMMmmmm no… so I am putting it out there, my pick is Kate Beckinsale… if you’re not sure who she is, she played opposite Ben Affleck in Pear Harbor.

So here’s to hoping that I… (please people stifle the giggling….)

will one day be graced by Kate Beckinsale in my movie….

Now that my little day-dream is all done… I will go work on my book… something about there being an order to how all of this goes. Book must be written before movie is made… blah blah blah.

So come on, fess up… Who would play you??????