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Okay, that title was lame… but HAY… it’s Monday… hopefully you weren’t expecting Shakespeare. If he was here… this story would probably be much different, and a little harder to read.

Anyway, “lameness” aside. Driving to work this morning, the clouds were heavy, fighting off the sun’s rays as they desperately tried to make an appearance. The other day I told everyone that I was not a big fan of clear blue skies, this is why:

There is something magical in clouds that makes me feel humble. The weather across America has not held back. Lands are flooded, towns have been flattened, homes have been lost, crops ruined… and yet as I head to work I see fields full of fresh rolled hay. Our local hay crops have all been rolled this past weekend, and the smell is intoxicating. Funny how things just keep moving, days keep going, time keeps ticking… no matter what is happening. This too, shall pass. How strange that is.

Hay starts to pop up in the fields in March…. then it just takes over, it grows up to 3-4 feet by May, turns from a green grass color to a golden wheat shade nearly over night, and then before you know it, the fields mowed, and covered in these great big rolls.

I say all this only because… things have really been playing over oddly in my mind lately. The circle… it just keeps going, it never slows. It never pauses. You cannot capture moments. All you can do is be in them. Be in all of them. Do not let things go unsaid, unspoken, unfelt, undreamt…. if you want it chase it. Yes, it’s all cliché today… I’m sorry. But Go. See. Do.