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Weekends are tricky little suckers. They take forever to come around, you’re always looking forward to one, then they blow through like a hurricane… leaving proof they were there… but you aren’t really sure that you saw what happened.

This weekend might have broken the sound barrier as it went by. Russell was rocking out pool tournament final matches this weekend after the team he was on qualified last weekend. Faith had an amazing softball game on Saturday, which was very bittersweet… her last game before heading to Colorado.

She got a great surprise, as they took the field to play, her dad and Grandma from Colorado, showed up unexpected. She played her heart out. The game was a close very competitive match up of some fired up little girls on both teams. It made my heart happy.

The kids left not too long after the softball game for their summer in Colorado. Always such a pull on my mind. It allows me a breather, just a taste of that independent one on one time with Russell and time with myself, but man I always miss them so much.

They come back so different. ….

I was able to finally go watch Russell play last night, and their team pulled off another victory taking them into the Quarter Finals today. His team mates were great, I really enjoyed them all. I think while the girls are gone I am going to join them on Tuesday nights and play as well. They’re team didn’t win today, but they gave it a hell of a run. Congrats Serendipity.

The summer looks bright… I bought a few more little plants today for the garden, some cucumbers and green peppers. Next weekend we’re off to Birmingham for a great weekend relaxing and seeing Zac Brown Band. Score. 🙂

I hope your weekend was fantastic… cheers to a great summer! Make sure you take a moment… to be so very grateful.