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My new writing gig  that I scored, it’s an online news column… about gifted children. I will be writing articles constantly about gifted children, kids with ADHD, how to parent them, entertain them, remain rational, etc…etc… etc…

The interesting part of this for those of you that know me, is my two girls (Night and Day) are gifted in different areas. Hailey is a gifted child with ADHD… an Albert Einstein of sorts. Faith is gifted and OCD… mmmm more of a Martha Stewart minus the jail time. Yes, this gives me interesting things to write articles on… but it is also going to be a learning tool for me as well.

Having Night and Day growing up in my home has been interesting, frustrating, funny, and darn right impossible sometimes, and they’re going to let me write columns about this. Ha. I just smirked. Ha…. Ha…. hahahahahaha now I am in a hysterical fit. Yep, this is where our “experts” that write our news comes from people, THIS GIRL right here…. writing on parenting.

God’s laughing at me. I can feel it. But it’s that good laugh….