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Memorial Day Weekend is coming up… a weekend where “they” decided that we could take some time of work as Americans, have a BBQ, a few drinks, maybe see some friends… before we head back to work on Tuesday.

You know that Tuesday…. the Tuesday of a short work week that feels longer than 6 Mondays combined. The one that makes you keep questioning whether or not the WEEKEND EVEN FRIGGIN HAPPENED AT ALL? Yep, that’s the one. Not to bring you guys down or anything, but since when did we decide we have to vacation when “they” tell us to, and relax when “they” say it’s a relax day….

I don’t know about you guys… but I work to play. My life is not in the god forsaken office where I do not see an ounce of sunlight all day…. My life is actually being SUCKED OUT OF ME in that space. Everyday I go there… I am one day older… one more day I wasn’t out traveling, seeing, doing.

We get what… ???   2 weeks of vacation a year…. 2 weeks? (And I am fortunate, most people don’t even get that).  2 weeks that are usually butchered up over the course of a year for sick children, emergencies, my own sick days etc etc etc. Where did you spend your vacation time last year?

I am tired of being “grateful” that Memorial Day is coming up, and we’re “Allowed” to relax. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT? Am I really supposed to feel guilty that I want to be on a beach somewhere with a drink in my hand? Guilt America? Really? You want to throw guilt out there on that?

Get your head in the game corporate America. It’s 2011. We can all work from wherever we are standing… you’ve made sure of it. Our work days drag right out into our commutes home, our dinner conversations, our “on call” status…. our blackberry’s are always on… we’re always being OWNED. So when does that flip side pay off for the worker? When are you going to stop with the technicalities of our office space rentals? If you can call me at 11 pm and I can do my job from my bed where I was trying to sleep, why can I not do it from the beach with a drink in my hand?

Why then… Monday thru Friday must I sit in that stupid little space that has no SUNSHINE?

Would someone please get back to me on this? My cup runneth empty.