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Today I had to write my first article on parenting. That was interesting. It was just a short little “How To” article on keeping kids learning during the summer, but I still feel… weird. I have to wait for editors to approve it before it gets published. Nervous feeling insert here.

Now I am sitting here at my desk wanting to write something for me, and there’s this wall. I hate that wall. There are always tons of words that attach themselves to this wall, but do not allow me to string them together into sentences that make any sense for someone else to see. I realize that this wall follows me around in my life often times. Not allowing me to say what I wish… creating that road block of sorts.

Today is a Garfield day:

The irony is when I should be quiet… those times… that’s when my mouth runs amuck. Ha, I got to say amuck today… um twice now. I digress, my point was there are those times in life that should pass by, silent… without comment. You can count on me to blurt something stupid out then, OH BOY CAN YOU!

But right now, I’m watching these words float around me, I see them all… but I cannot reach out to them. They won’t allow capture. Is that how you are going to be Thursday? All unobtainable and stuff? Sigh. I need a big cup of motivation. Maybe I should go to Starbucks and order my double dirty Chai Latte. I think it’s funny when they repeat it back to me, sounds all…. I’m off tangent again.

Motivation, lacking. Need something to write about that I actually give a damn about. I was going thru the news earlier, looking for some meat and potatoes to jump out and grab me. Something I care enough about to tell the world… there was nothing.

It’s give a damn busted Thursday. Hope the rest of you are feeling inspired today. I truly do.