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Yes, we are renewing our vows, it’s not an “actual” wedding, but since we never did the “wedding” thing the first time, we are now.

This makes me giddy excited inside. I’ve got a fluffy dress, and he’s all tuxed out… HOTNESS. But the rest of the planning is a little nerve-racking, and we aren’t even doing anything MAJOR!

Location was a big deal to me. I’ve seen a hundred beach weddings in my hometown of Navarre, Florida… and there is something purely romantic about vows said in this location. The water and the sand… have a joined connection that accurately reflects marriage in all its softness yet stormy glory.

I fell in love with this cake:

Which of course will feed 6,000 people, and we only have um… maybe 40 max in attendance. To adapt, we’re going with the top 3 layers of this cake, and my aunt is making it for us.  (Source)

Flowers were easy, I knew exactly what I wanted… just a bunch of red roses tied off with ribbon… nothing fancy… simple and gorgeous. I am having them done at Navarre Beach Flowers in Navarre, Florida. There won’t be this many though… simple. Going simple.


My dress…. um… I maybe didn’t go simple on. I’ve always wanted to do the wedding dress thing. I may have lied about it in the past just to cover up the fact that I was seriously bummed out that I never did. My dress I am however, not showing until the event. 🙂 I’m not totally naive though, I know I could not pull off the big white dress… cause let’s face it… no one’s buying that line. I did however find a stunning white dress that is covered in RED embroidery. Very Scarlet Letter. Swoon. (Source)

Just to maintain who we actually are as a couple, we’re doing a BBQ reception with friends and family. Some beef brisket, pulled pork, and the rest of BBQ’s best side dishes.

What is on my list that I have not started…. renewal vows. WHY THE WRITERS BLOCK? For the love of Pete man…. I love you, check. Don’t want to be without you, check. I am beyond the moon ecstatic that we’re still together, check.   Really? That’s all that I’ve got?  That’s going to need some work. I don’t want typical sappy… but when you start speaking all lovey… you get sappy. So much to say…. the words will come. I have faith.