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The level of stoked I am right now may be a little bit over zealous…. but I cannot help it. My first article now has the status of PUBLISHED when I log in to my Examiner account. Published. Now I know it isn’t a world peace article or anything with giant accolades that follow, but it’s mine and it’s official.

When I was in high school, I was the co-editor of the school newspaper… yep a nerd, I will totally own it. Every time we finished a lay-out and I drove the paper down for print, when I would get it back… I felt an insane amount of pride. Then we would distribute the newspaper to a bunch of stupid teenagers that would throw them down the hallway, turn them into paper airplanes, etc… THAT was annoying. BUT… there were always my classes that day that I would attend, look around and see some students with the school paper, reading it instead of paying attention to the teacher. Yes this may have been from sheer boredom, I am not naive… but it still made me happy dance inside.

There is something mind blowingly satisfying about someone reading something you worked on (for me). So this little how to keep kids learning through summer break article, it’s nothing major… but it’s mine… and it says PUBLISHED.

By the way, if you want to check out the article, here it is:

How to keep kids learning through summer break