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So far this weekend has been wonderful. All bets were off for us as we took off Friday afternoon. We really had no goals, no place to be, no plans. We road around on the CBR1000 for a couple hours running errands, having fantastic BBQ, and then we decided to go check out a cruiser style motorcycle.

We came home and played with the dogs for awhile discussing the new bike idea. This conversation didn’t really take too long, because we both love to ride, and the sport bike is just really starting to take it’s toll on me… I cannot ride on it for very long, it’s painfully evil! So after some deliberation we drove down to Decatur and added this to our collection of toys. It has been a long time coming, and I am ecstatic about this purchase!

Then we celebrated like this at our favorite Mexican Restaurant Phil Sandoval’s… yum!

When we got home, we relaxed with the new Vince Vaughn and Kevin James movie, The Dilemma…. that was mediocre at best. Mildly funny. Mostly meh.

Saturday was sleep in morning. Again… we were not in a hurry to do anything at all. Honestly. We have both been running non stop for weeks, and this weekend, we’ve pulled the cord. We lazily headed out to breakfast at Cracker Barrel… while the rest of our time zone was eating lunch. The bike ride down to Birmingham for the Zac Brown Band concert was really relaxing. The sun was hot and summer was definitely owning the day.

Our hotel was roughly 5 steps from the concert, so we spent some time in the pool and across the street at Margarita Grill for drinks and dinner.

Our curiosity was easily perked by the menu’s offering of liquid marijuana, because last we had heard it was still illegal in Alabama. So we had to check it out… this drink went down very smooth…. and then BAM. Wowza. Watch-OUT…

When we made it over to the concert, I thoroughly enjoyed all the fashion WELL Played outfits of some beautiful girls, and some major FASHION DON’Ts…. Country fashion can go so well and oohhhh so wrong so quickly.  Write this down ladies, ANY BOOT cannot be substituted for a COWBOY BOOT. That means if all you have are knee high brown suede boots… DO NOT wear them with your white cut off shorts and cute tank top… this is NOT A MATCH. Your friends should have stopped you! You may want to reconsider the girls you’re hanging out with if they’re going to let you out of the house this way! Anyway, I digress. Some of the wardrobes were stunning! Little cotton dresses with wide belts and cowboy boots… and pearls… super sweet! Go girls!

The concert was absolutely fantastic. Maybe the best I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen some great bands. The beer was cold, we were outside, the air temp was perfection a great southern 80 degrees.  One of the best things about country music concerts, is hands down country music fans. Always a fun group of people to be around. Big thank you to Zac Brown for putting on an excellent show for Alabama!!

I am going to stop rambling now and show the rest of our evening in photos, because it all kinda goes downhill from here. 😛

I may have spilt my 10 dollar beer on my brand new shirt… boo….

Zac totally rocked our socks off…

I may have had quite a bit of BudLight….

Russell may have danced … I will neither confirm nor deny this… I’m no sell out.

Um we might have been so hungry after the concert that we walked to Krystals…. and then had a small picnic on the grass next to the Mexican restaurant we had dinner at earlier while we listened to their local music talent…. ummm… yes the Krystal’s picnic on the grass outside of the Mex restaurant was proof that it was time to call the night good.

Hope your Saturday was as fantabulous!!!! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!