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My bucket list extends way past extreme sports and crazy dare-devil ideas… granted I’ve done some very cool things; sky diving over North Shore in Hawaii, racing a NASCAR at Talladega Super Speedway, wheelies on the back of a CBR1000 down a busy highway… but some of the things on my bucket list… they aren’t that daring at all.

For instance, I’ve always wanted to have a whip cream pie fight. Good ol fashioned food fight with someone I love. Silly I know.

I have also always wanted to shake a bottle of champagne like crazy, hit the cork and shake, shake, shake, it all over like I’m a swim suit model in a RAP video. Granted they do this with thousand dollar bottles of Cristal, apparently to prove that they have money to throw away. This logic is asinine to me, even if I did have the money to “throw” away.  (Source)

So we are using 5.99 champagne. You know the kind… it’s what they serve you at Strip Clubs and cheap New Year’s Eve parties, leaves you with a killer headache, and tastes similar to bubble bath. Ew.It’s chilling right now… in the back of the fridge… waiting for the perfect timing. Oh, it’s gonna happen. Maybe tomorrow in celebration of June 1st. Seems completely logical to me.