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It’s been a great weekend. Slow and easy. Meandering lazily through the days, I am greatly reminded of why I love this country so much. Patriotism however, isn’t something that only comes out around our house on Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Veterans Day… our thankfulness is year round.

Driving around on the motorcycle we saw dozens of families sitting on porches, smelled the ribs cooking, could hear the Lynyrd Skynyrd  floating on the breeze. Last night we barbequed hamburgers on the grill, devoured fresh watermelon and strawberries, and relaxed. Today we headed out on the jetskiis to the Tennessee River. The day was phenomenal.

There were lots of boats out today of course, and we were really content just cruising along. We went for a long ride today, all the way down to the Dam in Guntersville from a little dock in Triana (probably 25 miles or better).

Russell of course had to show off a little… this is his Superman pose…

The Dam was very cool, we went through a lock… I had never done that before, it’s kind of like being a toy boat in a bathtub, and you just pray you don’t get sucked down the drain… weird.

I was a little freaked out at first, it closed all up on us… that was an odd feeling. Then we just had to hang out for a bit while it filled up with water.

This is my waiting pose 🙂

The rest of the trip was gorgeous and full of great things to take pictures of… so of course, I did.


I hope everyone stops to remember this weekend…. but what I really hope is that it is ever present in your life. The sacrifice of so many… for what the rest of us are so fortunate to take for granted. Thank you troops, for all you do.