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I’m driving to lunch today, and I hear a statistic on the radio that makes me nearly wreck my car. 53% of young people would give up their sense of smell rather than give up their technological connection.

When I got back to the office I had to immediately look up this article. Yep, there it was. You can read the article here¬†if you want, but I will sum it up for you too. America’s youth has lost their minds!! Okay, that wasn’t a good summary, but I am getting there. What’s worse, is the ages that they are using to define America’s Youth hardly contains me anymore!! (Different subject entirely).

The study done by McCann Worldgroup involving 7,000 people between 16-30 states that 53% would give up their sense of smell to stay connected. They go on to compare technology to an additional sensory organ…. and being without it like being blind without a stick.


People come on! Think of who it is that we’re staying connected too… most of your “friends” are your ACTUAL friends…. you’re not losing them… you have to GO SEE them… you’d give up SMELL for this? Think for a moment of standing near the ocean, in a bakery, a country road, holding a baby, cologne remnants on your partner at the end of a day, steak on the grill…. I’d chunk my MAC and Blackberry right out the window. Never looking back.

Sources for my article: BizReport, May 26, 2011… Helen Leggatt.