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As all things that you watch on the calendar with starry eyes, its arrival has become imminent. June has surfaced once more. The aire of June has always brought me to life. I’m reflective, optimistic, planning, giddy, and refreshed in this sweet era of time that rolls through yearly, in all my presumptions, just for me.

As a child the swirling scent of honeysuckle  and blackberry cobbler were my hints that June had appeared (Source) . School would end and my grandmother’s above ground swimming pool would become my cool haven away from Florida’s extreme sunshiny days. My hair would turn green from the chlorine I would swim so often. After busy work weeks, my parents would come home exhausted on Friday’s, look at each other and grin…. load the car full of camping gear and we’d head off toward the riverbanks for Smores and ghost stories. Sometimes we’d skip the camping and dad would just ask mom to point in a direction, we’d drive until the car was on half a tank of gas, and then drive back. Adventure raged through me, my dog and I explored every camp shore, every inch of yard, every oddity we crossed. I loved that we were so spontaneous a household. Having 3 kids and dogs never slowed my parents down from summer exploration (Source for Pic).

As a teenager my June’s blossomed into realms of unknowns for me. The salty air of Florida always carried live music around in it as if created one for the other. Romance blossomed in my teenage summer months. Learning lessons of boy meets girl, heart-break, and the bruises reality leaves there on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico quickly taught me how to feel bittersweetly. Summer jobs on the sand, fast cars, and the mouth watering flavor of young freedom. Friends came and went, but those that stayed, I still have now… and they’re never far from mind. (Source)

My birthday also (coincidentally) happens to be in June.. maybe that’s why I feel so connected to this month…. maybe not.  Regardless… birthdays of importance, 16… 18….21… they rolled through so quickly. Looking back on them now, makes me grin. I remember each of them, clearly. I was at DMV on my 16th birthday, stomach in knots of excitement for my driver’s license. That little piece of plastic was my get out of jail free card, my ticket to go see the world… it’s symbolism for me that day, was larger than life. Turning 18 we went to that same familiar riverbank of “ours” and camped out, my family and closest friends. In all of my teenage glory I raged hard against my mother that birthday, broke her heart, and hated her… ahhh teenage ignorance. My 18th birthday was a much bigger milestone for her, than it ever was for me… hindsight…. I was such an idiot. Not much after my birthday I left to join the Air Force. My 21st was spent like a rock star in San Francisco, California… with a group of dear friends that rented a limo and took me out like to party like a princess that night and ohhhh we did. (Source)

Now its 30’s turn. I feel more balance and at home in my own skin than I ever have. I’m enjoying the days… no hurry to rush a thing. Building my marriage and relaxing in the thought that I am part of something great in our relationship.  Patience it appears I may be learning after all.

June has always been a dear friend to me. We catch up yearly… reconnecting like lost sisters. When she returns to her place on the wall, I will be loaded up once again with memories of things we’ve shared. I will remember her strawberry sea breezy smell, and I will hear the echos of crashing waves and Tom Petty in my mind long after she has gone. But most of all, I will always look forward to her return, and cherish the time we’ve had. Dear June and me. (Source)