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Today was off to a rough start, us putting up a dog and pony show… yadda yadda… Jeanna playing gopher… which is okay, I don’t mind. But organizational messes annoy me, so with ten thousand chiefs and no indians except me… lunch was mentally prepared for me as a mirage on the horizon of a long day on a dead beat horse in 110 degree heat on the Texas skyline with a pack of wolves on my heels and a gang of outlaws to my East….you following me? If not…just go with me.

There’s a little local Mexican restaurant in Huntsville, Alabama… that if you’re ever on your way through you definitely must stop at and try. I’ve eaten a lot of Mexican food…HOWEVER,  Phil Sandoval’s is hands down the best I’ve ever had. Let me put a little bit of information out there, I have braces, and they always hurt me terrible. Phil Sandoval makes fajita steak that melts in your mouth. It never remotely affects my braces, that’s how soft and fantastic it is.

Today however, I had the Mango Salad with a mango vinaigrette dressing. OOOOOO…..M……GGGGGGG. Yep, that sums that up. The salad was to die for.

Check it:

This salad deserves applause…. maybe a moment of silence… so I will wait…..

Also, he happens to have the best margarita in Huntsville, so if you get the opportunity to stop in, check him out.