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(Source)    Mitt Romney was defeated by McCain a few years back… remember? I’m sure you all do. What in the world makes him think that his same boring ideas and big quotes like, “Barack Obama has failed America,” are going to create some sort of turn around?

America’s people have failed America. Let me just put that out there from the start. I’m not an Obama supporter by no means, but we need to step back and take a look at what it is that we keep doing as a nation. (Stepping back off of soap box before I tangent rapidly out of control).

Back to Romney. America doesn’t need another old white man running the country. It’s the technological age. America needs a balance in our leader. Romney is focused on economical topics as he bashes the current President. This is not going to work. The people have the power to change our economic situation as well, why are we sitting around waiting for big government to fix it for us?  Yes, the economy is in shambles right now. It is affecting American’s from coast to coast, but Romney’s promise of, “making America number 1 in job creation,” seems flimsy. I want to hear how. How on earth would you manage to change that?  We make nothing in this country today. We’re even buying our fruits and vegetables from other countries now. What exactly are we going to do to create jobs?

Stop with the lame speeches and empty promises. We’re smart people. Tell us how. Earn a vote. As it stands, there’s nothing that you can say at this point to even remotely make me think you won’t die running for office like your pal McCain.

What do you think? Is Romney really the best the GOP has in the arsenal?