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Saturday woke with lazy meandering minutes that begged to be enjoyed but never hurried. I knew as my eyes gazed upon the clock from my warm cloudlike spot on the bed that the day could contain anything.

I try desperately to never take the feeling of possibilities for granted because so many in this world will never know the precious feeling that comes with all that entails. After short deliberation we decided it was the perfect morning to take the motorcycle out and go discover some new roads in Tennessee…. I say discover like Christopher Columbus (no one else knew the roads in Tennessee existed, just us).

With my iPod rolling through John Mellencamp’s “Little pink houses” to Kings of Leon “Closer” and the warm summer breeze in my face, I couldn’t help but put my arms out like a bird floating on the air.

The land was stunning. Fields of crops, horses, cows, goats, dozens of streams, rolling hills, old barns, buildings from another date in time and my mind racing through the satisfaction I find in the simplest of things. Wild flowers running down the white line of the highway on each side like a red carpet through June in Tennessee. Thank you for the visit, and the peace of mind… It’s always an pleasure.