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There was a battle of sorts on my desk this morning. It wasn’t an evil battle with swords and fancy footwork… instead it was a battle of amazing verses…. well amazing.

So in one corner weighing in at a whopping…. mmmmm….. let’s just go with 1/12th of a pound was the sweetest, sexiest, succulent, with nectar straight from GOD himself……. the never duplicated, always satisfying, fire engine red STRAWBERRY.



In the other corner, the heavy weight fruit champion of the world…. weighing in at half a pound a slice, the enticing, the savoury, juice running down your arm, can’t get enough of, eat like you’re starving, makes the best bubblegum…. WATERMELON.



It was a knock down drag out, with watermelon taking its weight advantage out on the strawberry right from the get go. Strawberry raged back with all it’s dependable left hook that catches you right in the jaw making your tongue do back flips in your mouth. Going into the 3rd round, watermelon had strawberry tight against the ropes begging for mercy when out of nowhere strawberry found something in its soul to come out swinging. Strawberry was steady but deliberate in its attack, weakening the watermelon’s left side.

What neither of them expected was a tie fight. That is, until I stepped in.



   My silly story is done for the day, and by the way, both the strawberry and the watermelon put up a heck of a fight. Today I think we’re all winners. 🙂 hehehehe