Nothing ever changed on our block,
We went to school.
We’d race home on those late nights,
Tasting the blossoming sweetness of freedom,
We’d sit down by the water’s edge,
Talking about the future,
Watching shooting stars,
We’d dream of conquering the world.
Life was a safe place then,
All dreams obtainable.
I laughed at all your stories,
As we’d ride down the Gulf tides,
I’d hang out the sunroof,
And you’d sing while you drive.
All we wanted was more than what we had,
No notice this moment we’d cherish for all time.
Time slipped in so silently,
Stealing moments all so soon.
We raced towards the chance,
Our dreams were bigger than this place.
The Gulf cries out in remembrance,
And we thought nothing ever changed on our block.

This was written several years ago for one of my best friends Stuart Rogers, I just stumbled across it during the move, and thought what the heck, I should post it for him. Stu, you’ve always been one of my favorite people, and one of the best friends I’ve ever had!