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I ran a dozen THOUSAND errands today, getting ready for this weekend. To be really honest… I am GIDDY.

Dumb…. annoying…. giddy. I mean I’m glowing people!

I’m so sunshiny right now that I’m sketching rainbows and bunny rabbits with hearts in their eyes. Ok, that’s bogus. But facts are facts. I have a ton of things to be exceptionally excited about. One that has gone unmentioned until now, I get to see my little brother tomorrow! He lives outside of Baltimore Maryland, and I only see him a few times a year, but in a few months he will be going to spend a year in Korea (he is in the Air Force). It will probably be a long time before I get to see him again. So for him to be coming down to Florida this weekend, really means the world to me.

Secondly, I talked to the girls yesterday morning. They’re having tons of fun in Colorado. They’re playing in the pool everyday and living up summer days. That makes me happy. I’ve really tried to limit how often I call them, because Faith misses me MUCH more, the more often I call her… so in doing her a sort of “out of sight out of mind favor” it makes it hard for me, because I only talk to them maybe once a week.

Thirdly… I didn’t have a complete meltdown. I was able to rock out some vows that I think will be gorgeous for Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday… I’m nervous, and excited… and giddy… did I mention giddy? Okay, I will quit the rambling.  (For any of my cartoon fans out there… if you’ve seen TANGLED….)  “This is the best day EVER!!!”

If you haven’t seen it… really come on… it’s one of the best “princess” stories in existence.

The bunnies and hearts are making me nauseous so I cannot fathom how my poor readers who love my usual negativity and sinisism of everything are managing this far down the page. I’m sorry peeps, I’m sure like the breeze, I will have another rant for you soon. In the mean time, have a girl scout cookie, drink some lemonade, help the elderly, and SKIP wherever you’re walking.