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This afternoon it was hot HELL ON EARTH. Okay, maybe not that bad, but it was a whopping 96 degrees when we got home and we had a ton of things to move around outside and in the garage. Both of us were pouring sweat. I was seriously questioning why were boxing anything to store and not just saying forget it and dumping it all out. It was so hot I was considering replacing things later in life if we needed them rather than organize them.


As the afternoon rolled on, the sun started to fade just a little, but the heat was still mocking us. Every time I took a box to donate to Goodwill and placed it in my car I would burn my hand on the door frame of the car. DAMN IT, that’s HOT! Then not 10 minutes later, I’d do it again…. maybe the blonde highlights are seeping through. I don’t know.

Then a random thought raced across my mind… COLD CHAMPAGNE.

I slipped out of my shoes, emptied my pockets… and snuck into the house. Oh I was crafty… tip toeing… nervous he’d catch on. He was watering the grass on the side of the house when I attacked….

But then my maturity struck me before I could spray him… and I forwarned him… so that it didn’t destroy his shoes and wallet…. gosh darn responsibility. He dropped everything important, grabbed a bottle from me, popped the top AND SPRAYED ME!!

SOAKED ME!!! I was laughing so hard that I had been taken over and counter attacked… that I couldn’t get the cork on mine to pop at all! My hands dripping with champagne, I’m standing there… mascara running… laughing hysterically that I cannot open this bottle!!!

Eventually I popped the cork and “Shook it like a salt shaka…” and had my sweet revenge… but only because he didn’t make me chase him.

Champagne, two thumbs up on the cool down factor after a long day. Two thumbs up for the laugh as well. It was needed!