My horoscope comes up on my iGoogle page as I log in to check my email every morning… and today, I am fairly certain that my zodiac is trying to tell me its NOT interested in hearing my crap today. Wow. Thanks horoscope, I thought of all things you were supposed to understand and listen.


You could experience mood swings as the Moon returns to your sign today, but each emotional wave may seem more significant than the passing feeling actually is. Be careful of falling into a fruitless loop; endlessly analyzing your emotions is a waste of your energy now. Instead of engaging in impractical philosophical discussions about the meaning of your life, just sit back and enjoy the show as your mind jumps through hoops in order to justify your desires.
Well all righty then. I guess I will just go on mental strike for the day and avoid any thought that actually creates some sort of mood in my mind. Off to ZOMBIELAND.