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APPARENTLY Anthony Weiner’s wife doesn’t want him to step down as a Congressman. SHOCKING.

I mean what would a woman want with a “sexting, impulsive, lying” husband unless he was still rolling in the 6 figures? No, honey… it’s okay… you stay in Congress. We need you there…. of course until I pop out this kid and leave you for my sweet life of alimony, child support, and a great book deal.

This humble, stand by your man approach isn’t fooling me. Not that it should, but come on girl… get on with yourself. I personally do not think what he did was too TERRIBLE of a thing… until he wouldn’t OWN it.

“It wasn’t me, I was framed, someone on the inside must be hacking my computer.” Blah blah blah.

Just own it Weiner. You like to see your penis on Twitter since you’ve become a Congressman because before you were one, no one wanted to see your penis regardless of its location.

I personally have had enough of Mr. and Mrs. Weiner. Thank you.