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This weekend went off like all weekends do…. you wait for it to roll in and then its gone so quickly. However, this one definitely left a lasting impression on me.

Friday the drive to Florida felt like an ETERNITY. But of course once we hit the state line, time jumped in its little machine and amped up on us. We went to Harry T’s for dinner in Destin. The night was gorgeous complete with a soft sunset, temperature set at about 75, the intoxicating smell of the Gulf of Mexico and our family all in for the occasion.

This is my brother Kenny, my mom, and me, before we headed out to dinner to meet up with Russell’s family. 🙂

This is the sky line driving from Ft. Walton into Ft. Walton Beach… the way the colors melt together in Florida is SOME KIND of wonderful.

Harry T’s is a very UNIQUE restaurant in Destin, loaded with local history, if you’re ever in the area, it is a definite MUST.

The harbor was covered in different boats, sunset cruises, dolphin cruises, and locals just hanging out, this life DOESN’T SUCK. That’s for sure.

Russell’s parents traveled up from Daytona area to visit us for the weekend, and his brother and sister-in-law live close to Destin.

The misters we were being sprayed with, were great for the temperature… but bad for pictures. 🙂

The food was a fantastic heart attack waiting to happen. This basket is shrimp and flounder.

I went for the succulent bbq ribs… and they definitely didn’t disappoint me.

AND we all drank the KOOL AID…. I mean Bushwakers. YUM. Also another local favorite and must try if you’re in the area.

After dinner we headed of to one of my favorite bars of all time, HOWL AT THE MOON for some dueling piano action. They were funny as ever and a good time was had by all, it was a great roll into the weekend of festivities for Russell and I.