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Up quite early for a Saturday following a night of Jagger-bombs…. we were off to the grocery store to load up on all the GRUB we were going to need for the following day. 3 shopping carts later Mom and I loaded all the food into her adorable new KIA, that thankfully didn’t cave under all the weight….. Laying all the food out on the counter at home I started to have a mild nervous break down because I didn’t think there was a chance in HELL we were going to get everything done for the next day.

We cooked ALL. DAY. LONG.

However, when we were finally finishing up the brisket and pork loin BBQ at around 11 that night, tasting it… I knew we had done well. The meat literally melted on your tongue the way cotton candy does. It was impressive if I do say so myself. 😉 I’m saying so!!!

My dress was a wrinkled mess that I also had been stressing over and not quite sure what to do with… there was not a steamer in Florida that could do it as quickly as we needed it done (odd for a beach location famous for its weddings… so girls if you are going to Navarre to get married… make sure your dress is ready when you get there). That seems like obvious advice looking back… but anyway. Mom spent over an hour ironing my dress and making it complete perfection… and putting out any other fires that I started on Saturday by letting my OCD get the best of me. Mom made a great bride’s maid/maid of honor/mother of the bride NO PRESSURE THERE.

The flowers were gorgeous as well, exactly as I had envisioned them. 🙂

Then as I was about to panic over the fact that we still weren’t sure where we were going Sunday morning or how things were going to work out, Russell calmly told me to go get in the truck. We drove out to the beach where we were doing the ceremony at about 10 pm Saturday night. We walked around the pavilions and down to the water, and I started to realize that it all really didn’t matter much, because regardless… Sunday was just about us and our vows. That was it.

Getting back in the truck to leave, he had a surprise for me… he had bought me a gorgeous pair of hoop earrings for our Anniversary…. but he also had a surprise for our wedding… and he gave me the most gorgeous pearls to match my dress. Swoon. Sleep came easy for me as we headed home, and I was out cold when we got back to mom and dad’s house.  Which is really good, because at about 4 am…. I WAS WIDE AWAKE AND NERVOUS AS COULD BE!!!