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My chin just slipped off of my hand where I was resting my extremely heavy face while trying to prevent myself from falling asleep… in turn jolting me awake, smacking me with my surrounding office walls, and whacking my funny bone on the chair rest….  Booo on today. Dearest Wednesday, normally a very big fan, but somethings gone astray with you in particular Wednesday. Maybe it’s my shortened work week…. being out Monday makes all weeks feel like death traps in regard to time. Maybe it’s the fact that my job is about to change, maybe it’s that I haven’t been to the gym since I cannot remember… or maybe just maybe the fact that I have a slew of things to do the second I get out of here…whaaaa whaaa whaaa.

Yes, this mild rant is a tragedy gone wrong for any of my readers. I am sure this is not the fun-loving God loves all the Children, there’s nothing but sunshine in my life blog that you are accustomed to from me (bwhahahaha) but this mood swing needed safe dumping ground so that when I stand up from this chair in a few moments and call this work day toast I can leave my lack of motivated words here somewhere on the internet, floating in the breeze for someone else to stumble upon. Hopefully if all goes right, it will make them feel much better about their own day.

Good news is, dinner is in tonight… no eating out… I get to cook and I find strange comfort in that. I also know that there is a lot of cleaning in my evening hours tonight, and I’m also greatly at peace with that as well. Maybe this evening will put just the twist on this day to remind me why it is that I normally bask in the glory of a good Wednesday.

Speaking of twists…..

My Wednesday cocktail: The Appletini

I prefer 2 oz apple pucker
4 ounces of Smirnoff Vodka Green Apple
glass rimmed in cinnamon/sugar mixture

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