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In January I had just finished picking out all of the details for the interior of the house (tile, cabinets, carpet… etc) it was time to go pick out some furniture. All the stores I visited were sure to remind me that President’s Day was looming, and IS the biggest furniture sale day (for consumers and stores alike). I shopped and shopped for hours DAYS until I had found the things that I wanted, and then I waited for President’s Day. When it finally came around it took me most of the day to go back to all of the stores I had visited and make the furniture selections that I had been dreaming about.

My furniture from Haverty’s was the most expensive… it arrived at my house by the end of the week. My refrigerator from HHGregg…. there in a few days…. but the press board children’s room furniture and cheap little dinette that I bought from Ashley Furniture were going to take a few weeks. Ok, no big deal… I got them at a great price… I can wait. Easter passed…. I would call… the products I went had gone back ordered. All of them? Mmmm no they had my table but they wouldn’t deliver one piece of my furniture without the others. Interesting…. no date for when the kids furniture would be in. Mean while the girls are sleeping on mattresses on the floors in their bedrooms and we’re eating at the kitchen counter.

Time continues to roll by. Days are falling off the calendar and still no word. I continue to call them weekly. No status of my furniture. Let me remind you… we’re talking a white metal day bed… and a little round table with chairs… this furniture could have been shipped around the would ten million times by now. I hadn’t asked for hand crafted Amish custom furniture. This was CHEAP furniture. It still did not come. Around the beginning of May, I went into the store and simply asked for a refund, because I really needed to get the girls some furniture in their rooms. They don’t do refunds. WHAT?  “Ma’am you signed a paper saying no refund….”   Yes, well I get that… but you also were supposed to GIVE me something in order for me to NOT do a refund… and you have yet to PRODUCE any of the items I purchased.

Then the truth starts coming out. They have so many pieces back ordered constantly that they are never allowed to give refunds to customers. WHAT? Wait a second… you’re telling me, you run all of these “great sales” yet you cannot actually get your hands on any of this furniture for 6 months to a year? Do you really think I wanted to tie up a thousand dollars in furniture that I couldn’t have until NEXT spring???? After my complaint made its way all the way up the ladder to corporate, they finally caved and mailed me a check for the money I had tied up in their IMAGINARY furniture. For nearly 4 months I waited for furniture that never came. If you’re looking for relatively easy on the budget furniture, I highly recommend www.overstock.com

Travel on down to Ashley Furniture only if you want a headache, enjoy being hassled (like your stupid for not waiting eternally for furniture), or are some kind of masochist. Otherwise… shop elsewhere.

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