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 I am an adventure SEEKER. I love the word SEEK.

I am constantly looking for things to get outside and go do… see.. taste… smell. It’s who I am. Maybe in another life I was a cat. Curiosity definitely would have had its way with me.

This weekend we are headed up to the Elk River in Fayetteville, Tennessee to go tubing with some friends. Tubing lazily on a hot Saturday in June is one of those things that ranks up there with fireworks, apple pie, and Elvis Presley. It’s just absurd to not like tubing. If you’ve never been, check out your local area, nearly all cold water springs offer tubing…

Pack a cooler full of your favorite adult beverage, fresh fruits of the season, a couple of sandwiches….. add some SPF, cheap sunglasses, and a radio that you don’t care about… and your trip is ready.

Sitting here on Thursday, I can already feel the cool water on my toes… smell the cocoa butter in the air… and hear Sweet Home Alabama floating on the water.

Here are a few pics of the Elk… I borrowed these from sources… but Saturday night, you can bet I will post my own.