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I know today many parents send their kids off for part of the summer to go see their other parent…. it’s part of the crummy part of divorce. As a mom, I know it is very difficult to send your children off to see their dad’s (or vice versa). Not that dads aren’t great… I love mine to pieces… but many times dads are the ones that require… to play nice… the most supervision.

Case in point: My 7-year-old is very structured, clean, organized, anxious… and the list goes on… so when they travel to their dad’s I try not to call them as often as I would like to, simply to help her miss me as little as possible. This is very difficult for me, I settle for a phone call once a week, when really I want to call them at least twice a day.

Sunday I called to see how they had been doing, to find out that the little one had nightmares the night before after watching the movie, “Wolfman.”

She’s 7! Why on earth did she watch this movie? These are the types of things I refer to when I say dad’s need supervising.  Not that I worry that he won’t protect them or anything of that sort… I know he loves his daughters (so I am very fortunate in that sense). However, scary movies, lack of bedtime, no structure, little discipline, letting them eat whatever and whenever from wherever they want to, bringing them home with PINK hair, sprained ankles, and turning them loose on a go-kart while he’s on the phone telling me about it… are all things that make my pulse race and my instinctive mothering nature to COME OUT IN ME….. where I slightly resemble the photo above.

In case you’re interested in your own nightmare, here’ s the trailer… I have no idea what she was so afraid of… really.

I know they are enjoying themselves though and will come back to me like they just spent 9 weeks running the streets of Disney World… all cotton candy faced, exhausted, nauseous, and happy. It will take me weeks to mold them back into normal members of childhood’s society where they can interact once again without embarrassing me with rude, “Yea’s,” eye rolling, and heavy sighs.

In the meanwhile, I think I will enjoy the silence a few moments longer, then give them a call. Such a bittersweetness comes with them so far away. What are the worst things you face when your kids are gone for the summer?