After celebrating Father’s Day yesterday, I wanted to take a moment to “celebrate” the wonderful men that are in my life. Father’s Day is a great time to remind these guys how glad we are to have them around and how much we appreciate what they do for us.

First and foremost: Russell, you’ve taken on the responsibility of helping me raise my two daughters. You’re there for soccer games, gymnastics practices, sick days with throw-up bucket duty, and all the in between. They count on and depend on you and love you just like they do their actual dad. This role that you’ve taken on is a big one and for me, it’s a direct reflection of your love for their mother :). I love the routine we have down, the way you back fill all of my short comings with them and vice versa. Thank you for being that man in our lives…. the one you didn’t have to be.

Next on the list, my very own Dad, Ken Baker… There’s so much that you’ve taught me and even still continue to teach me that I could never put a price on. The value of having you as a dad in my life has made all the difference.  Who you are in my life, I really don’t honestly think you realize. You’re a rock to me.  You’ve shown me and taught me to the best of your ability, and I hate to ever see disappointment in your eyes towards me. You’re one of my best friends and biggest allies, and I know no matter where I am on this planet, you would come and get me, you’d find me. Thank you for that. There are so many that will never know that feeling of  security. Hey, the Cardinals are doing good this year, about time for another trip huh? Can we take mom and Russell this time? 😛 I love this picture of us, my heads not on straight. 😛

I just want to thank you guys, for being who you are, and doing what you do. We all love you. We need you, and we’ll always be right here beside you.

Happy Father’s Day.

“If you’re gonna hoot with the owls, you gotta soar with the eagles.”