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My birthday is in 6 days. My 30th birthday. I’m going to be 30. Wow.

Where does it go? Really…. I want to know. Not that I am anxious because I think 30 is old or anything along those lines, but reality of it is, time only seems to be going faster these days. It’s time to assess things. Weird? I’m sure it’s probably not too weird, most people become reflective around their birthdays and New Year’s Eve…

There is so much out there I want to see and do, so much that I have done and am thankful for, and yadda yadda.

Funny thing is, I don’t feel old. Not like I thought 30 would feel when I was 15. I feel completely in charge of my life right now. Granted I have responsibilities like anyone, but my journey is up to me. What an amazing ability it is to have one’s complete destiny truly in their own hands. Opportunity it beckons. Anyone that’s ever read more than two of my posts knows, opportunity is one of my favorite words, because it is only reined by what you can imagine it to be. Possibility is the driving force inside me.

This weekend we are setting off on yet another mini adventure up to Chattanooga, Tennessee to the Stone Fort Inn.  It is a charming bed and breakfast that will hopefully allow us a little relaxation, down time, and some fun. Saturday morning should prove interesting enough, Russell and I are tapping in to my love of birds and strapping ourselves into hang gliders 4,000 feet above Look-Out Mountain. O.M.G. I am so nervous. Sunday should prove a lot calmer, but still a day of firsts… taking a train ride up the side of the mountain. Overall, turning 30 should be a great weekend relaxing with one of my favorite people in the world.

After the fact… well… we’ll just have to see how it all pans out. 🙂