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It’s starting to become strangely quiet around the house. The giddy part of me that emerges when the kids go to their dad’s house has dulled back down. Yes, I’m still having an amazing summer and all of the extra time with Russell is always very much-needed, but their little closed bedroom doors make my heart sink. There’s been a lot going on at our house in the meantime though, pool keeps us pretty busy twice a week and our weekends are always nonstop. We’ve been trying to finish up things around the house so that all the moving and boxes will come to an end. For the last 3 months there has only been a recliner in the living room because Lazyboy messed up my couch order and shipped me a loveseat so when that went back it was an additional 6 weeks for the couch. 😦 YIP. EEE.   Well that’s finally arrived and completed the look of my living room.

Next item to shop for will be drapes and lamps… whew who!!  Here’s a pic of the living room with the new addition.

In other news… the animals are adjusting to all being under one roof again. This has definitely been a little chaotic since there is not a fence in place yet in the back yard. We’re working that issue trust me. In the mean time, Daisy the Stubborn has taken to going around the house and sitting on the front porch. Then when we go out on the back porch to call her, she doesn’t budge. She waits for us to come to the front door to let her in. We did not notice that she was on the front porch until she decided to make it very obvious to us by taking up a new post… with her face pressed against the front window the second someone calls her from the back yard. She just sits there, looking in at us like we’re the “slow” ones…

I don’t think she is much concerned with how dirty she’s making my glass. Maybe her and I need to have a heart to heart about it. Or maybe we need to lower the doorbell. I’m not sure.

My writing has suffered lately because I’m feeling a little off kilter. Yes, I just said kilter. Lame. I. Know. Things have felt rather heavy on my shoulders lately, and I am not at liberty to discuss all of them… I just know that frustration has been tying me in knots. Work is one area that definitely has me befuddled. I feel as if I work for one of the most sexist patronizing people I’ve ever met. Being a woman that’s worked careers from the military to military contracting agencies I’ve dealt with many different men that weren’t big fans of women in their environments. However, this one really takes the cake. I’ve never felt so bullied and belittled as I do currently. I know it’s just a matter of time before I can move on and I’m biting my tongue until its worn damn near through in attempts to not stir the pot anymore than necessary and just get on out and on with it. I’ve been tormented with it enough that I was even too scared to write about it. Quite frankly, I’m exhausted with it. I won’t even ramble on about it anymore.

There are only 5 days left until my birthday… 🙂 In case you were wondering.

In other ramblings, on our way to shoot pool last night… I was in a little bit of a fog… I’ve had a lot on my mind and just all together hoovering around me. Russell tried for a few minutes to get me to talk… but I really had no words to give him. Then he asked for my iPod. I thought this was a little odd, but he plugged it in, and in a few moments he had concocted a few of my favorite songs into a playlist for the drive. He let me stay in my little cloud, but within a few moments, as music I love always does… the cloud started to lift and I caught myself tapping the steering wheel and singing along. The simplicity in what he had done was actually quite enormous. He knows me. Even when he doesn’t have the answers, he’s learning how to be there for me. He’s listening and hearing me. I was so flattered when we got to the pool hall and I realized the mood that I was in… was much more upbeat.  It really is the little things.

Seems the lesson I am supposed to be learning right now is how to let the things that matter… well…. matter…. but the things that don’t, I really need to ignore… and deciding which is which…. well that’s the battle for me.