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Friday we hit the road headed to Chattanooga, Tennessee and drove through some torrential downpours that had us both a little fearful that our outdoorsy weekend was going to take a backseat and we would have to get creative with our planning upon arrival. The air temperature also dropped very low, and the sundress that I was wearing started to feel like a bathing suit in Minnesota at Christmas time. (Ok, maybe a little extreme there… but it did get quite cool).

Our little Bed and Breakfast we stayed at for the weekend was very charming and in the middle of downtown. It was built-in 1909 (Stonefort Inn) and ran by some wonderfully friendly people.

This is the dining area downstairs where we had breakfasts in the morning. 🙂 Of course the gourmet style food is not on Russell’s list of favorite breakfast dishes, so we also had to stop and grab him some food after we left for the day. Their keish, crepes, scones, and other items were quite lovely.

Our room was just as adorable, complete with a giant whirlpool tub, fireplace, and a balcony over the city street below.

Once we had jumped on the bed, made sure the fireplace worked, stood on the balcony, and soaked the bathroom down with splashing in the tub… we decided to hit the streets and check out the nightlife of Chattanooga. We ended up at a concert in the park… which was packed with locals… so we were quite excited that it was going to be a fantastic concert… we were surprised to hear a Canadian man playing New Orleans style jazz with a piano and a cello… The locals danced and tapped their feet along with the music… we tried to drink enough beer to make it entertaining, and although we got a good laugh out of watching everyone else… the genre of music was very hard to recognize even enough to categorize…. so we deemed it an elevator music concert….. and eventually walked back to our room. However, the city was beautiful, the architecture stunning, people friendly, dogs everywhere, and overall just a pleasant place.

We had some BBQ at a place called Porkers… the best butts in town… and they were pretty darn good. I thanked the pig as we left. (At Russell’s request of course).

The rest of the weekend was just as great, if not better… and I promise to catch you up as time permits. I hope you enjoyed the pictures! As for right now… I am off to take Russell to see his favorite movie’s sequel…. Cars 2. 🙂 Let’s hope it’s as great as the first one was!