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Okay, so this games been out since 2009…. and I am just now finding it.

Not that I haven’t heard about it… seen the t-shirts…. heard the obsession over it on Facebook….. but I’ve been rocking a Blackberry for the last couple of years and not been privy to the craze.

Well I recently had to turn my Blackberry in… and in doing so have landed myself a Droid. This phone is downright amazing, it even tells me that it’s raining outside…. bwhahahahaha…. okay that part is completely unnecessary....

But not long after having it, Russell was downloading Angry Birds on his to play… and I mocked him. Matter of fact, I laughed at him…. “Angry Birds? Hahahaha sucka.…. I’m not playing that crap,” I scoffed at him.

An hour later…. I looked like this guy…..


Okay, maybe not quite like that…. but I am fairly certain I am rocking some bloodshot eyes and have recharged my phone every 5 hours. Oh. My. God.

I even blew off blogging earlier today…. I was going to tell you all about my 4th of July… but the Rio Angry Birds is just so much fun.

I did manage to cook the boys some dinner tonight, and fake interested in cleaning up… I may have rushed it a bit…. and now I am off to wash some very much needed laundry  see if my phone is charged. I won’t lie.