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I am in a pissy mood at the moment and a little annoyed with being myself. I figured one of the best ways to get that out of my system would be to blog about it, but there are too many family readers etc at this point to rant the way I used too…. So instead of going off on a tyraid of why I am so annoyed, I’ve decided to tell you…. poor readers, what it is about myself that I happen to loathe…. maybe a little poor me, but not really, I have a million times this amount of good qualities! So Ha!!

10. Change- I have a confusing relationship with change, I love to hate it. I enjoy new things tremendously, but getting me away from my comfort zone is quite difficult.

9. Affectionate- I’ve heard it from any man I’ve ever dated, I’m overly cuddly. I love to be snuggled up, holding hands, feet touching…. I don’t care, I love human contact.

8. Pessimistic- I will assume the worst. Count. On. It. If you’ve done something great, expect me to be surprised.

7. Sarcastic- I have a sick sense of humor… I’m sassy to the point that sometimes people do not take me seriously because they think I’m being sarcastic, when I’m not.

6. Passive- I do not stand up and demand things I want from the people I love, I let them have their way a lot, which would be okay, if it didn’t eat me alive inside.

5. Passive Agressive- Once my passiveness has gotten to the point that its emptied my energy source of patience… I explode… over DUMB STUFF. Then people just stand there looking at me funny while I have an anxiety attack.

4. Selfish- I really don’t care what you had for lunch 3 days ago… I am seriously faking this interested face.

3. Easily Annoyed- I hate loud noise. I hate televisions as background noise… I hate people texting while I am talking to them. Pay attention completely to me…. or just ignore me completely. I am not interested in half of your attention.

2. Dependant- I really do need other people in my life to make it complete. I am not a loner. I am no good at being by myself… for short periods of time yes… for long periods…. I get lost in my head and it’s not a good thing.

1. Impatient- I have NO. PATIENCE. None. People continuously tell me that God puts things in my life that require me to develop patience. The way I see it… if I must have patience, then you’ve done something wrong… seems like it’s your problem.

And last of all….

0- (because this is my worstestestest trait) I get jealous easily. I am not a fan of pretty girls around my husband. I have nothing to worry about… but there’s a green streak that runs straight through me… don’t know why… or how… but no matter how hard I fight that internal battle… it manages to bury itself inside me.

There you have it folks…. my 11 worst traits…. granted this does not affect me all of the time… because honestly… I really want to know what you are having for lunch. 😉