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I am nearing complete melt down as far as exhaustion levels go. We have been on the CRAZY TRAIN since the summer started. So far we have traveled to Birmingham for Zac Brown, Florida for our wedding renewal, Chattanooga for my birthday, jet skiing, hang gliding, swimming, motorcycle riding, tubing down the river, back to Florida for the 4th of July, laid off from my job, to Cincinnati for a NASCAR race….. and now…. (not complaining mind you) but I am sitting here with a dazed and confused look on my face.


What just happened?

It’s already July 10, 2011.

Tomorrow I start a new job…. I am a little nervous, but happy and ready to check it out. It should be refreshing to change environments, hopefully this will be a great opportunity for me to finally start to make a little bit of forward movement in my career.

My blogging is one of my biggest things that I have started and love doing, I hate leaving it neglected on the side lines… but to be honest, my wordsmithing powers feel completely drained. I cannot seem to string my sentences together like I am accustomed to doing. I hope that power comes back. πŸ˜›

What to watch for…. this weekend coming, we are off to cross another challenge off of our bucket lists :). We will be going white water rafting! My parents are coming up for the weekend to go as well, and I know this has definitely been on my mom’s bucket list forever, so that should make it a ton of fun!

Pictures of the NASCAR race we just did and a rundown of the weekend will come tomorrow, when my batteries are recharged…. because let me tell you, this weekend was….. hmmm… I need a good word… WHACK. This weekend was WHACK.

Love to you peeps! πŸ˜›