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For our Anniversary I wanted to do something really BIG for Russell… so I scored tickets to the inaugural Quaker State 400 at the Kentucky Speedway right outside of Cincinnati Ohio.

He was happy ecstatic with the tickets when I gave them to him.

This past weekend it was finally time to pack up and go. The race was 5.5 hours away from our house, short little day trip and we’d be there to walk around, get some food, have some beer, do a little NASCAR shopping and then watch the race, spend the night in Cincinnati, check out the city a little bit Sunday, and enjoy a leisure drive home.


The journey began well…. and then spiraled like a meth head 5 minutes out of rehab  (no idea where that reference came from… sorry) anyway… spiraled, we’ll leave it at that.

We get 40 miles from our destination…(we have to drop Ryan off at the hotel first before we head to the race) it’s going on 2:30 in the afternoon, we’ve made perfect time…. and then this happens.


It takes us nearly 5 hours to go 40 miles. That’s 8 miles an hour. People walk faster than this…. it was like being on the Oregon Trail minus the Typhoid. 5 hours…. 40 miles…. so of course this happens to poor Ryan….


When we start nearing the hotel to drop him off, our GPS in the car disagrees with the GPS on Russell’s phone which also (you guessed it) disagrees with the GPS in my phone…. technology only FAILS when you really need it…I can play Angry Birds all day long, no FAILURES recorded…. In trying to keep our dispositions light-hearted… because we still have a sporting event to eventually try to get to (although at this point the race is ACTUALLY STARTING)…. we laugh at the GPS….(all 3 of them) and the situation… and finally find the hotel…

You would think this would be the end of it… OH NO!!! The hotel is over very close to the airport…. where we were going to grab some food right before dropping Ryan off… not a food source in the vicinity. NOT. A. ONE.

Going back to our DFJKGHLJH technoloically driven plethora of information… we punch food into the GPS… Nadda….. 4 miles away is a Subway. Really? That’s it?

We reluctantly follow the GPS to the Subway, which also includes a little burger place… and since we’re kind of running a little behind INSANELY LATE we grab burgers to go… this man manages to take longer preparing our food than a 5 star steak house. OH. MY. GOD. One man works the entire restaurant food’s prep…

Once our mediocre burgers are handed to us, we run back to the car… zip back to the hotel… get our room, get Ryan settled in (throwing open the door and tossing his suitcase in and giving him a room key counts right?) we jet back to the car, reprogram the GPS’sssss again and head off to the race…. of course at this point we are tuned in to 1650 AM radio… because the race has STARTED.

It takes us nearly 2.5 hours to get through chaotic traffic again (there was one road in and one road out… and 150,000 race fans that Kentucky was not properly prepared to handle).

We listen to the race for nearly an hour with this view….


YEP you guessed it…. That’s where we were trying to go…. we can hear the cars going around the track. WE. ARE. SO. CLOSE.

Once we park, we are in such a hurry… because we are still 2.5 miles walking distance away from our seats… that we forget the extra camera batteries, to change into our tennis shoes, and anything else we might have possibly needed…. Forget the Warrior Dash…. I ran 2.5 miles in cowboy boots up the side of a cliff to see a NASCAR race in right at 20 minutes.

When we reached the summit, the Budweiser logo smiled down at us…. we looked at each other realizing in unison that we had not made it to the ATM.

REALLY????? Together we came up with 8 dollars. One beer.


We bought the beer…. made it to our seats… as we crash into them exhausted, a little dazed, and thirsty we both started to laugh.

“Wow!! These are amazing seats…..”