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Sunday we spent leisurely (finally!!!) walking through Cincinnati’s aquarium in Newport on the Levee.  The aquarium was really great, we were still rocking the dead camera… major score for a photo blogger huh?

I love cities, the architecture… the bridges… the food… however, I didn’t get to really take the pictures I would normally take because of the dead camera and having to settle for my phone as a camera… which did ok…

This one may seem lame to you guys, but I love green road signs like this that hang over the roadways, they always make me feel like I’m going somewhere… or achieving something.  I digress….

Here are a few quick pics from the aquarium… yep that’s all I managed to capture before even my phone died… *face palm*


Now the very best part of this trip… I did not manage to capture on film… but leaving the aquarium, I caught a glimpse of an odd sign… Grilled cheese donuts….

WHAT???? This I must try…. I love donuts… I love cheese… I love grilled….

So I enter a little place called Tom and Chee…. it is a gourmet cheese sandwich making shop…. wowza. There’s every single type of cheese you can think of grilled, with different meats… oh sweet heaven.

Then I spot it… I stalk it like a cheetah in the Sarenghetti (yea spell check is going wtf is that…? You know… that place in Africa)…

Grilled cheese donuts… again… there are soooo many options.

I select a grilled carmelized banana and gouda grilled donut.

They take a regular glazed donut, slice it in half and essentially use it as the bread in the grilled cheese…. except when you grill a donut, it gives it that fried bread flavor found in funnel cakes… then there was the carmelized banana… and then the gouda. WOW.

I’ve never had anything similar in my life. I was AMAZED.

Then when I got home I googled Tom and Chee… and you betcha, the only one in the world is in Cincinnati, Ohio.

If you ever go through there… it is 5 stars all the way!!!