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Be warned dear readers I am about to rant.

My frustration level is high at the moment. Communication today is everywhere, you can text, IM, email, Skype… you name it… but somehow all this communication has taken away from ACTUAL communication.

Let me explain.

Both Russell and I use outlook calendars to keep track of our appointments etc that we have during the week, things we need to remember to do… yadda yadda… most of these that could affect the other person, we send to each other via email in a meeting notice of some sort.

Well today, I didn’t have an appointment of his that will go into this evening some and although it’s not a big deal… you guys that juggle families and dinner planning and all of that know that things happen on a routine schedule. This appointment of his that I just found out about, affects dinner plans etc. So I was mildly annoyed finding out last-minute… no big deal really, but minorly annoyed.. (honest statement).

The problem with this minor annoyance is that no one picks up the phone to speak to each other anymore… minor annoyance is discussed briefly over text, IM, email… whatever… well he’s busy at work, so of course his responses are extremely brief… (for example) “Kk, Yes, Sure…” you may as well take these responses and stuff them up your nose, because when you start throwing, “I don’t have time for you at the moment,” responses at me… I get even more annoyed. (And yes, when you respond to 4 questions I just asked that were not answerable with O-K…. with Kk…. you’re saying I don’t have time for you).

Is that wrong of me because he is at work? Probably. 

I know he’s busy, if I send him an email and it takes him 45 minutes to respond… I know he was in the middle of something, and read it and responded when he had a minute.

But Kk? Sure? Yes? One liners? These are brush offs that say to me, “I’m not dealing with you right now, so leave me the hell alone.” 

Um… Jeanna’s not a fan. Yes I actually just spoke in the 3rd person…. that’s how much it annoys me.

Don’t brush me off… if you’re too darn busy to respond… then this is just as quick to type, “give me a few and we’ll chat…” or “Swamped, let’s talk tonight,” those responses address the fact that he is actually concerned… and does give a darn how I feel, just isn’t able to deal with it at the moment.

That puts, “Annoyed Jeanna,” back in her box and completely prevents the transformation into, “Man Eating Jeanna,” altogether.

I am really not a difficult creature to figure out…. women like to be spoken to like their important… even if you’re rolling your friggin eyes while looking at your computer, because reality is… I am going to be the one running the analysis on this whole stupid day while you flip through channels later…. then glance over at me casting that completely unknowingly dumbstruck facial expression and muttering those really silly words, “What’s the matter babe?”