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I learned how to fry chicken originally from my mom… but my chicken was always just kind of … well… meh.

One night at my grandmother’s house, I realized that her fried chicken was… phenomenal…  Good enough to have its own Facebook page with more fans than Xanax or Running Shoes (haha… not a good point).

So I had to know, what is going on in her kitchen, that I cannot seem to make happen in mine?

She laughs at me when I ask, and I think for a second that she may be keeping this recipe a secret for the next 50 years as well. Then I realize that she’s not laughing because it’s some giant secret, but in fact because it is something oh so very simple. Grease temperature when you first let the chicken hit the pan is crucial, and as you cook it you will learn this… but the real trip is double breading.

I make a flour mixture and I add tons of spices to the flour, when I think I have added to many, I add that much more…. realize your flour is soaking up so much spice…. now, dip in the egg mixture… then the flour… and then do that again… egg… then the flour… and you will have fried chicken with a great crispy coating on it like you’ve never eaten before.

The family loves chicken tender night, because I hand batter and fry them… well tonight I had dogs to bathe when I got home, so I overlooked the fact that I needed to stop and get flour on the way…. I had a cup. Just one.

What am I going to do with 1 cup of flour?

After searching the pantry, I found its cohort for the evening… the Corn Flakes….

I mashed them up and mixed them into the flour as well… this worked wonderfully.

Throw in some fresh cucumbers with an Italian dressing mixed in with goat cheese…. some fresh strawberries and we had a nice cool relaxing dinner.

Judging by Daisy… you would think she bathed herself and then made dinner for the family. I’m jealous. I want this life. 🙂