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This year has been a very stressful year for me, but one of great learning, growing, experimenting, searching, loving, and seeking. The year started with Russell and us deciding to go our separate ways for a time, and as we have mended things back together and decided that the fight for each other was worth it… I am learning to trust in ways I never knew I could. I had painted myself into such an independent mind-set that self-preservation was really my only concern long-term, but after us spending time apart… I realized that I can in fact survive on my own, and that should not be what concerns me about trusting another person.

What I am finding is that this man in my life, loves me. Neither of us are perfect communicators, we still have our issues that we come across… but that million year old rule to never go to bed mad… it’s all wrong. Sometimes, it’s ok to go to bed mad. Sleep does amazing things to an argument… it provides a cool off period. The next day things are not as vivid, important, heated…it allows normal conversation, if it is still even a topic worth discussing (because many times, it may not be).

I know that it makes me very content to pull in the driveway at the end of the day and have his truck sitting there…. so much in fact that Friday afternoon when I got home from work to this visual…

I just sat there at the end of the driveway… smiling. I have a happy heart… and a home. Not much more to possibly want, is there?

Oh, and since the Daisy pictures were so successful, here is another of the ham…. thinking she’s a lap dog! 🙂