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Yesterday was our bucket list white water rafting trip! My parents came up from Florida…

a friend from work joined us…

My absolutely adorable step son Ryan was there…

And last but not least… Russell and I… (of course).

We headed out to Ducktown, Tennessee, home of Ocoee White Water Rafting. The weather was tricky, threatening rain… but waited up until right about our river time to turn absolutely gorgeous!

My nerves were not rattled with this trip, I was just excited. The rest of our group was about the same… except my mom. She. Was. Nervous. It was so great to see her so pumped up and excited about doing something that she was scared of as well, I know it is the first time in a while she has done something, “EXTREME.” Her jitters started to get the best of her and she listened to the safety briefing twice. I couldn’t really pick on her too much because when I signed the hang gliding waiver, I nearly puked everywhere. (You can read about that HERE).

We finally got our gear issued to us after quite a wait, they were running very behind… and boarded buses headed to the river. On the bus I chattered about how I could not wait to hit the water and that I hoped we had a crazy guide that wasn’t too OCD and wanted to have fun. Well our guide…turned out to be an interesting character… and he chose me to be the target for all of his jokes. 😦 That annoyed me. I wanted to be in the front of the raft really badly, and when we all got there to go… he told us Ryan and I had to be in the back because we were kids…. for some reason he thought I was roughly 13. This of course set my aggravation level. I however was determined to not let him ruin my trip… as after he found out that I was a grown adult he proceeded to tell me he was the DICK-tator and I had to do what he said.

Dude. Get over yourself.

Other than that, rafting was absolutely incredible. We powered over some Class 4 and 5 rapids… that looked like this:

I may or may not have tried to throw the guide out of the back of the boat at this point. 😛 Kidding, kidding!!

Then one of my favorite pictures of the whole trip (and it isn’t even of me :P) is my mom and Russell in this picture… her paddle isn’t even in the water and she’s rowing her heart out, and his face is so determined…


Once we got down to the Class 3 and 4 rapids, our pig-headed, sexist guide decided a girl could be in the front… and this is when I had the most fun… mostly because I was finally beside Russell and could see and share his expressions and the adventure with him… where before I had been 3 seats behind him. I know this may sound petty… but I was very determined when we got there to be in the front. It is a completely different experience than the one I had in the back. Although the back was fun as well.

The river was amazingly beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like it before. The mountains rose up around us, and the river raged on… the rocks were plenty… and we all had an amazing time. Five stars for white water rafting! One star for Ocoee Rafting customer service… if you decide to go up there, plenty of rafting facilities are there for your choosing… I recommend a different one.

Here are a few more pictures of the trip!!!