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In a few days the girls will be home and the house will go from Russell, Ryan, and I… back to Grand Central Station. It is amazing what adding 2 rambunctious little girls to a home can do. They have an ability to shake the paint off the walls.

Cheer leading practice will start immediately for Hailey the day after she gets back, followed closely by soccer for Faith.

Realizing this now, I am trying to prepare by loading up on great slow cooker recipes.

This request is to you readers, if you have a great slow cooker recipe, drop it into an email for me at Jeanna06@gmail.com I will then try all of these recipes, review them, and post some pics of your recipes!

I will let the girls pick their favorite one and the winner will be announced on Xanax or Running Shoes!

Do not worry about the recipes being, “kid friendly,” I am very fortunate to have kids that love all food equally!

So send those recipes my way! Make sure to include your name and blog name (if you have one) so I can give you proper credit!

Thanks in advance!