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Captain America isn’t just the next super hero/comic book movie. Captain America is a reflection of the heart of an American soldier that the whole world will see. He isn’t the guy running out of a burning building, he’s the one running in. When the crowd’s roar he’s a hero and pat him on the back, he blushes and stammers because in his mind, he was only doing what was right.

He’s not the cocky hero. He’s not a jock. He’s not the rich kid whose parents died.  He’s not from another planet. He wasn’t bitten by a super bug. He’s from Brooklyn. He could be you. Or me. He is the essence of all the good intention that the United States has ever had. He stands for the small. He would die for you. For me.

It would seem that I am just telling you things that you already know about Captain America from the comics, but that is not my goal. I also have no desire to spoil the movie for you at all. What I do want, is for you to go see this movie. Go feel the patriotism that you may not have been feeling as of late.

Go watch as a humble man shows you the definition of dedication and determination. Go fall in love with a character out of the norm. He’s not America’s bad boy… he’s not a sex driven ego maniac…. He’s the boy next door. The one you never noticed. The one you should have.

Go. See.

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