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This soccer season is upon us and instead of cussing the coaches from the sidelines, I have decided to step up my game and do the unthinkable. That’s right, I am taking on the role of U8 soccer coaching for my 8-year-old daughter’s co-ed team.

I am a little nervous in doing so, because I know all of the things that being a “sideline coach” are not necessarily things that I will be able to fix. What I do know is that kids get away with too much these days. They don’t have to listen to their coaches if they don’t feel like it, they don’t have to run if they don’t want to, and the list goes on. Well, that’s not going to work on this team.

Not paying attention is going to cost you laps to run, lack of motivation or ambition to play is going to keep you parked on the bench, and that bull crud that 2011 is trying to feed our kids about, “we’re not playing to win, we’re just playing for fun,” is out the gosh darn window.

Winning is fun. Playing your hardest and losing, is okay. But standing around on the field and getting your butts kicked by the other team, never knowing what the score is, and then asking what snack is as soon as the game is over? That’s not fun. That’s a waste of your teammates, your parents, and your coaches time.

What will be fun is learning about soccer, how to work together with your teammates, where your strengths are as a player, and playing our hardest. If we lose, we lose… but that mentality, “it doesn’t matter if you won… if you had fun,” will not be our team motto. Let the losing teams say that all they want.

If you think this sounds like it’s too hard on our kids, I would apologize, but I don’t want to. It’s life. You’re good at some things, and you’re not good at others. If you are not a good soccer player, but you love the sport and give it your all on the field… that’s all I want from you. If you’re not a good soccer player, and you don’t want to play soccer, well dammit I don’t want you to play either. Go. Sit. Down.