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My days are back to normal… which feels very odd. My new job is one that will keep me busy through the day, providing me with a steady sense of achievement when 4 o’clock rolls around. Hitting the door running is still who I am though, because as much as I enjoy the new job, I love what’s waiting for me when I get to the house.

Today Russell had the kids all prepped to ride the 4 wheelers around the back yard.

Here’s Faith showing us she’s ready for more cc’s.

Hailey kept going by me so fast that I wasn’t sure I would be able to catch her, props to Android here and my super fast camera!

Ryan was easier to catch, he likes to stop and pose for the ladies when he sees the camera…

The dogs love it when we join them outside… Daisy as always mothering the herd, Penny and Bandit are tied up because they can’t stay in the yard and we’re waiting on a fence….and the neighbors are not fans.

The yard’s looking gorgeous, grass is coming in plenty and thick thanks to Russell’s constant fussing with it. I am so thankful he cares, because I am sure I would have killed it by now… like I have killed nearly all the other plants in my yard. The only thing in the garden I haven’t completely demolished is this watermelon. This is one seed.

You didn’t think the kids were the only ones that got to play on the 4 wheelers though did you? Of course I caught my favorite boy toy Russell  playing too.

As for me, I’m one content girl… loving having my family back together again. I’m sure I will be looking desperately for a babysitter again in a few weeks… but right now, happy sigh.