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After cheer practice tonight we decided to keep the workout going and try out a family run. The baby of the bunch is about to start soccer again and she’s winded running to her room too fast for a hair brush right now. I set her up with an iPod to help keep her motivated and we head out.

We ran a great little distance, probably close to a mile together. Ryan and I ventured off in our Vibrams down a great dirt trail while the girls caught their breath and waited for us.

When we got back from a good sprint we picked the girls back up, and we ran another street or two before we all crashed.

When we got back to the house, I sent Hailey to the shower and the rest of us sat down in the living room. We’re all sitting around when RAP RAP RAP someone bangs on the window in my dining room. Ryan and I look at each other… was that the door? Did someone just knock on the back door? Then RAP RAP RAP it happens again, sharp knocks on glass. My heart jumps in my throat. There’s no one at the back door. The blinds are all up on the back side of the house.

They can see in, we cannot see out.

I feel nervous and timid… and rush the girls to their room. Of course at this point the house is silent. There’s nothing. Daisy is rushing back and forth from room to room like she’s looking for something but she’s not barking. Of course it’s a night where Russell is out. This stuff never happens when he’s here.

I call the cops. They send a patrol car. I turn the house alarm on. Then  just sit here… inside this box covered in windows and try to calm my nerves. So much for my bubble bath and wine.